Rummy Mummy

3,700 years is a long time to be denied a drink, but we dug up Rummy Mummy so he can live, drink and party at your side during your next

The Rummy Mummy Collection


Legends tell of Medusa, a beautiful maiden cursed by Athena to walk the Earth as one of the Gorgons: monstrous sisters with slithering
snakes for hair and a terrifying visage to gaze upon. One look into her eyes was all it took to turn the bravest of warriors into solid stone!

The Medusa Collection
Biggs Tiki Kong Collection


Once the uncontested ruler of Skull Island, Kong now sits happily on your Tiki bar's shelves, gratefully accepting your beverage offerings:
turns out that he prefers rum over blondes.

The Kong Collection

So excited to get what will be my second mummy and my 4th mug! I’m a fan!

Carla Smith

What can I say? I’m addicted.

Manuel Lombard

I will ALWAYS buy an annual mug Biggs! Always!!

Aaron Schropp